Medium To Hard Formation Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bit bq nq hq pq
Medium To Hard Formation Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bit bq nq hq pq
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Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001、 OEM
Model Number: BWL NWL HWL PWL
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core hole drill bits


diamond products core bits

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Packaging Details: Sea Delivery Package
Delivery Time: Based on Detailed Order
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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Type: Impregnated Surface Diamond Core Drill Bit
Size: B N HP
Standard: DCDMA
Matrix: F 1~14
Application: Different Rock Formation
Height: 12mm14mm
Product Description

Medium To Hard Formation Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bit bq nq hq pq


Impregnated diamond bits have the widest range of application. They are the most commonly useful bits from medium to super hard formations in the mineral exploration industry. The hardness and abrasive of the rock formation are the key factors to determine the diamond specifications, concentration and matrix hardness.

Toothed bits can get higher drilling efficiency when it is drilling at dense or abrasive stratum with lower drilling speed and pressure. It was especially effective at coal formation , using toothed bits can get better water flowing and drilling footage effect.

Nowadays , impregnated diamond bits have been widely used in wire-line drilling series .


Size Available:


T2 Series: T2 46,T2 56,T2 66,T2 76,T2 86,T2 101

T6 Series: T6 76,T6 86,T6 101,T6 116,T6 131,T6 146, T6S 101

T Series: T36,T46,T56,T66,T76,T86

Z Series: Z46,Z56,Z66,Z76,Z86,Z101,Z116,Z131,Z146

B Series: B36,B46,B56,B66,B76,B86,B101,B116,B131,B146






ATW,BTW,NTW,NXD3,AX,NX,NXC,AXT,T6H,4 9/16,NWD4,412F,SK6L146,TT46,TB56,TS116,CHD101


Size Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
inch mm inch mm
AQ 1.880/1.870 47.75/47.50 1.607/1.057 27.1/26.85
BQ 2.350/2.340 59.69/59.44 1.438/1.428 36.52/36.27
HQ 2.970/2.960 75.44/75.19 1.880/1.870 47.75/47.50
NQ 3.770/3.755 95.76/95.38 2.505/2.495 63.63/63.38
PQ 4.815/4.795 122.30/121.80 3.350/3.340 85.09/84.84



Impregnated Bit Maxtri Height :

Standard Impregnated Bits are available with different Matrix Height: 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 14mm generally , 6mm height is recommended for conventional bits ;8mm or higher are recommeded for wireline bit .


Diaond bits crown shap and applications:


Flat : applicable to drilling different levels of hardness or abrasive formation , generally for single and dual tube drill bits.


Semi-round:good distribution of the diamond at bit face, adapt to a small broken or loose formation ,applicable to drilling medium-hard and hard formation .


Ladder:applicable to drilling medium –hard, broken or iterbedded formations, hole deviation can be prevented .


Serrated: applicable to drilling hard and dense formation , enhancing drilling rate.


Ladder serrated: applicable to medium –hard, have good stability during the drilling .


Gear Type: applicable to harder or dense formations, enhancing drilling rate .


Bottom Jetting : applicable to drilling sedimentary or metamorphic formations which containning more power ,high coring recovery rate and avoid excessive washout of core.


Waterway Configurations :

Standar Type (no discharge hole) : waterway without discharge hole is the standard type ,applied in many normal formations.

Wide Type : this waterways is wider than the standard type , applied in formations in which there is much rock debris, eg clay, shale ,coal gangue, etc


Turbo Type : it is suitable for relatively hard fractured formations or hard competent formations .


Wide Turbo Type :suitable for medium hard fractured formations where there is much slurry and rock debris.


Round Face Discharge Hole Type: it is suitable for triple core barrels, to improve recovery rate . it reduces the flushing fluid’s erosion against the core during drilling


Slot Face Discharge Hole Type : it is offen adopted in PDC bit , TSP Bit and has bigger flow capacity ,which minimizes the occurrence of discharge hole blockage . it is suitable for drilling in fractured formations where there is much flushing fluid and rock debris.


Trapezoid type :

It is suitable for the core bits with a thick matrx; it faclilitates debris removal and flow capacity and make the bit wear out evenly .



Medium To Hard Formation Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bit bq nq hq pq 0



Medium To Hard Formation Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bit bq nq hq pq 1

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